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  Coastal Concrete Designs officially opened its doors the fall of 2005. However, its sister company, Arizona Concrete Designs, began in October 1981, as a General Engineering Contractor. With experience in concrete construction they began to specialize in the repair and restoration of concrete structures. Working with The Army Corp of Engineer and numerous public works agencies, Arizona Concrete Designs assisted in solving a variety of concrete related problems from cracks repairs to surface restoration.

After many more years of experience, it was a natural transition from strictly industrial uses of its technology to decorative applications for both commercial and residential uses. Although the technology remained the same, the challenge was to provide creative & realistic designs worthy of the the title DECORATIVE.

Arizona Concrete Designs created CenturyStone Concrete Products as a result of the many years of experience and refinement of the technology it created. CenturyStone serves as its label for the many quality products & services provided by Coastal Concrete Designs.

Now in its 25th year, Arizona Concrete Designs enjoys the distinction of being a leader in industrial concrete restoration technology and decorative concrete coating applications, as it launches: COASTAL CONCRETE DESIGNS!


The success of Coastal Concrete Designs is attributed to a few individuals who have sacrificed and contributed beyond the call of duty. The quality work that is performed routinely and consistently, is accomplished by a core of personnel each dedicated to improving themselves for the betterment of the company and its future.

As the principal of the company, with over 30 years experience in construction technology, W. David Eaton, realizes that the success of an organization is greatly dependent on the quality of the people as well as the quality of the work it produces. He understands the value of assembling, not only highly skilled, but also highly moral people bringing skills of life and work to the company.

Quality installation and consistent application are the most critical elements in Coastal Concrete Designs hope for long-term success. This part of the team is led by Mike Costa, General Manager. His duties with Coastal Concrete Designs began first as installer for basic repair & coating systems. He quickly grasped the techniques and procedures and has successfully trained additional personnel. Mike's understanding of team work, precision installation and communication skills have been invaluable. Mike possesses a tough work ethic that is counterbalanced with high moral integrity and honesty.

Attention to detail is the hallmark of Tomas Flores' work with Coastal Concrete Designs. As Projects Manager, Tomas leads his crew emphasizing quailty control, balanced with creative artistry.


Coastal Concrete Designs strives to center itself upon principles rooted in high moral integrity, and esteems of great value the example of those who live by a higher moral code of ethics. Coastal Concrete Designs believes that building a successful company is only accomplished by building successful relationships.

These are the primary ingredients:

  • Discerning Needs
  • Creating Solutions
  • Serving Beyond Expectations
  • Caring
  • Commitment

Building people, builds a company.


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